I like to go to Pantai Indah (Scenic or Beautiful Beach) and hang out. It is not known to many people. I think it is a little funny because there is a big sign that says "Jalan Lereng Bukit" (Hillside Road) then "Pantai Indah" but I just found out all the locals call it "Pantai San" after a Chinese guy.

There are usually a few people out on the beach fishing, especially at the weekend, and there is a Chinese temple at the end of the road. Well, only a motorbike can go down the road, and then you have to hike half a kilometer to the temple.

The beach isn't too far from the airport, and airplanes can be seen as they descend and approach the airport. It adds to the atmosphere rather than taking away from it.

This is one of those places that I won't tell you the location because some places should take some work to find. Not every place should be in the Lazy..err...Lonely Planet guidebook. ;)