The Castle of Kolossi was built in 1210 when Kolossi was given by King Hugh I to the knights of the order of St. John of Jerusalem. The expeditions of the Genoese in 1373 and 1402 and the raids by the Marmelukes in 1425 and 1426 caused a lot of damage to the castle. A general restoration became necessary and this is why the present appearance of the castle is dated back to 1454.

The castle has been looked after very well and is a most impressive, square shape. It is a very well built castle and is very similar to a tower. It reminds us of many similar towers in Europe. For the period it was built the castle offered satisfactory security to the neighborhood. It was strong enough to resist any attacks and that is why it was considered to be impregnable.

There are not many to see inside (except the nice panorama from the upper platform). It can be a short stop on old Limassol-Paphos road, or you can admire its silhouette from the speed of your car.