<noembed><nolayer><div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:-100; display:none;"> Sanctuary Virgin of Socav&#243;n<br> Bolivia picture - Ray and I left the parade about 6:30 PM and made our way through the crowd to our hotel. I gifted a bottle of water to a group of dancers on break. They were so appreciative! We took a quick break in our room and then headed to the streets and made our way to the sanctuary where we could see the carnaval participants enter the church. Two priests stood outside the church and blessed the dancers and band members with holy water as they completed their pilgrimage/dance. Once inside many of the participants walk on their knees the entire aisle of the church before receiving another blessing from the attending priests inside church. A short service took place inside the church. Then, they walked to the side of the church and make their final pilgrimage to the Virgin of Socav&#243;n. The next group entered the church. The bands entered as part of each group and also played inside the church until the service began. </div></nolayer></noembed>
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