Almost all travellers exploring Southeast Asia or the Middle East will generally fall victim to a bout of stomach runs or fever as they adjust to the different climate, water and food of new lands. I was starting to bless my socks as two weeks approached at the start of my trek in Viet Nam when I was hit by both strains simultaneously and was bed-stricken for two days in Nha Trang.

Its a funny thing being sick on tour. You expect it, and you know it could be worse, but despite having a good stock of pills you have the voice of the travel doctor back home in your head giving you a hypochondriac feeling that you may have malaria. I was still in difficulty after 24 hours in Nha Trang and was poised to call a doctor when I finally awoke from a deep sleep drenched in a beautiful cold sweat.

That has to be one of the best sensations you can experience when travelling.