<noembed><nolayer><div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:-100; display:none;"> Belknap Covered Bridge<br> Scenery in Oregon picture - World Guide Number: 37-20-11. &#34;Built:1966. Truss: Howe. Span: 120 feet. Stream: McKenzie River. Directions: From Springfield, proceed east on Hwy. 126 about 36 miles to McKenzie River Dr. Follow McKenzie River Dr. for 0.8 of a mile to King Road West. History: The Belknap Bridge, sometimes referred to as the McKenzie River Bridge, occupies a site in which a covered bridge has been in continuous use since 1890. The first bridge was replaced by Lane County in 1911. It was then replaced in 1939 and served traffic until being destroyed in the Christmas Flood of 1964. The current bridge was designed by the Oregon Bridge Corporation (OBEC), Eugene for Lane County. Louvered arch windows were added in 1975 to the south side to provide interior illumination. The name Belknap refers to early settlers along the McKenzie River. R.S. Belknap developed Belknap Springs and his son, J.H. Belknap, was involved in the toll road over the McKenzie Pass in the early 1870s.&#34; </div></nolayer></noembed>
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