Old Marysville

In the heart of California lies a little town called Marysville. The bus dropped me off right in front of the eagles nest - a little café with a hidden bar. Considering I had no idea about were to go I decided that this would be a great place to start. There were two old men in the café one eating jello at a booth and another sipping on some coffee at the counter. They just watched me as I spoke to the waitress about how to get here, there and everywhere. She told me that she could barely get around the block and to go into the bar. I was like what bar and then I looked to where she was pointing and it was like tadaaaa!

It was was a small door with some Christmas lights over it and a little sign that said bar. It still struck me as strangely odd attached to this run down café and all. I walked into the bar and there was a gang load of older people. It was like everything stopped just for a moment and then after I broke the silence everything resumed back to the normal talk of gossip and work and farmland and machines. Everyone looked real friendly and since they probably hadnt seen anyone other than someone they know for quite some time I smiled at everyone and said hello. I took a seat next to the woman playing the lottery or the daily double and her half wit on life was shining with a subdued sharp haziness of side commentary.

They really didnt have all that much information for me Is there a hostel or a cheap place to sleep. Nah, not really. Thats okay I brought my sleeping bag and I could sleep in the middle of a field waste high in wheat grass. The only fear being the owner of the lands dog staring me in the face growling in the morning. I let my imagination run a little wild with different scenarios through my head and finally decided that I would cross that bridge when I came to it. So how can I get to my destination, is there a bus, I asked. Nah, no bus out to those parts and thats a good seven miles outside of town. Allright I would hitch-hike then before the sun would set and get a real good look at the driver. Their eyes got real big you be careful!

I drank the rest of my Bud and gave them a little smile and a wink. I knew it would all work out. I continued to stare at the wonderful array of taxidermied animals above the fireplace a moose, you know I always love mooses, ferocious creatures but really have a sweet snuggily looking face. The hawk on the mantle caught my eye. It had an absolutely beautiful array of outstretched wings. What a handsome animal. I am very fond of hawks, were I come from the rule the great wide open. There is nothing quite like a hawk or a falcon overhead swooping and gliding.

To make a long story even longer I proceeded to walk around downtown Marysville. It was like a ghost town. There were all these businesses and no one to business them. I walked into an old antique shop called now and then and that is were these wonderful pictures emerged. There were two old ladies talking about this and that. One sat behind the counter with some really old chained glasses as the other browsed the cases. You could tell they were friends and enjoyed the company each of them had to offer. And so here we have the array of old Marysville - the heart and soul of a once thriving town.

About the growling dog and the field well it was sweltering so you cant blame a girl for wondering into a bar looking for a cool refreshment. The Cortez probably the only bar in town outside the eagles nest. They had a neat ol juke box were for a fifty cents you could get like ten songs. Karoke was soon to start and therefore I could only play two patsy songs, shucks, let me curb my enthusiasm on the karoke. After a few moments and some pleasant conversation and a few doodles three of my really good friends walked through the door. You could imagine our surprise. They had a hotel room for the night and the same concert tickets. I had a ride and a place to crash. I love the world sometimes.