<noembed><nolayer><div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:-100; display:none;"> Las Cascadas Restaurant<br> Sightseeing in Puerto Vallarta picture - Las Cascadas Restaurant is located about 30 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta along Highway 200 to Manzanillo. We had lunch at this restaurant overlooking waterfalls where kids were playing and jumping into the pools below the falls. The restaurant, which is located next to Chico&#39;s Paradise, is completely open air, and I had the chicken, which was very good. They also served shrimp and lobster. I would have preferred that, but my lunch was already paid for as part of my tour. Most others, though, were on their own for lunch. Note the &#34;palapa&#34; covering the restaurant. The palapa is a thatched roof structure made of palm fronds. Rumor has it that to ensure a quality structure, the fronds can only be harvested by a full moon. These fronds are intricately woven into beautiful designs and are used as covers for patios, restaurants, etc. Smaller ones dot the beaches in Puerto Vallarta and are used as shade for sun worshippers. </div></nolayer></noembed>
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