<noembed><nolayer><div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:-100; display:none;"> The Vietnam Women&#39;s Memorial<br> Monuments &#38; Memorials in Washington D.C. picture - honors all women who served in Vietnam &#38; was not added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial until 1993. This memorial, the 3rd element of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was spearheaded by Diane Carlson Evans, a former army nurse in Vietnam who felt something important was missing when she first saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her efforts to highlight the service of women in Vietnam were rewarded on Veteran&#146;s Day, November 11, 1993, when the Vietnam Women&#39;s Memorial was dedicated. The sculpture, designed by Texas native Glenna Goodacre, depicts three uniformed women with a wounded soldier. While one nurse comforts the soldier, another kneels in thought or prayer. The third looks to the skies - for help from a medevac helicopter, or perhaps from a higher power. Goodacre left the interpretation open so that people could read into it whatever they wished. More excellent background information can be found here: http://www.nps.gov/archive/vive/memorial/women.htm </div></nolayer></noembed>
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