<noembed><nolayer><div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:-100; display:none;"> ... the San Andreas Fault<br> Sightseeing in Palm Springs Area picture - This is the best known of several west coast &#147;fault lines&#148; &#150; where the earth&#146;s Pacific and North American plates rub together and build up pressure until one slides over the other, causing everything from mild tremors to disastrous earthquakes. It runs some 800 miles (1300 km) up the California coast, and the portion that runs through the Coachella Valley is clearly visible. Mild quakes do occur frequently, and popular culture has it that &#147;the Big One&#148;, will soon result in much of California &#147;breaking off&#148; and sliding into the Pacific: scientists are skeptical, but they do foresee a quake of 6.7 or higher sometime in the future. For more information, see http://digitaljournal.com/article/294234 . </div></nolayer></noembed>
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