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Resorts, Ranches, Lodges & Spas in Dar es Salaam (1 photo)
Ledger plaza beach hotel, Dar es salaam Tanzania
by icekaay_juvenile
Ethiopia (42 photos)
ETIOPIA 2013 - Harar
by Chere Luzzy
AGOSTO Esta ciudad, situada unos 500 km. al este de Addis Abeba, fue nuestro destino final...
Ethiopia (45 photos)
ETIOPIA 2013 - Addis y norte del país
by Chere Luzzy
AGOSTO Acaba de nacer Julia. Esperada y deseada desde hace nueve meses, ha llegado rodeada...
Ethiopia (68 photos)
ETIOPIA 2013 - Tribus del Sur
by Chere Luzzy
AGOSTO Pasar un día completo en Estambul antes de partir hacia Africa fue como saltar...
Events in East Africa (8 photos)
Harbin International Ice and Snow Festiv
by alicewang618
Harbin turns into a huge theme park with the opening of Harbin International Ice and Snow...
Tours in Tanzania (1 photo)
by Phyllis Raynor
Female lion spent the entire day stalking a gazelle
Tanzania (37 photos)
East African Safari - Kenya, Tanzania
by soh gt
I have recently returned from a trip to Kenya and Tanzania and thought I should post some...
Tanzania (104 photos)
Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
by marden
In June of 2003 my daughter and I did a month-long safari in Tanzania. The first...
East Africa (67 photos)
Serengeti , Tanzania
by marden
In June of 2003, my daughter and I visited the Serengeti NP as part of a month-long...
East Africa (51 photos)
Northern Tanzanian Safari-June 2003
by marden
In June of 2003, my daughter and I spent about three weeks in northern Tanzania. It was a...
Tanzania (38 photos)
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
by marden
In June of 2003 my daughter and I visited the Ngorongoro Crater as part of a month-long...
East Africa (54 photos)
Okavango Delta
by marden
We visited Guma Camp and the Okavango Delta in mid-June of 2008. The Delta is one of the...
East Africa (42 photos)
Moremi Reserve, Botswana
by marden
We visited the Moremi Reserve in June of 2008. We only spent one day there but saw a...
East Africa (46 photos)
Mankwe Camp, Botswana
by marden
June of 2008 we visited the Mankwe Bush Camp at the south end of Chobe NP in Botswana. The...
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