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Zoos & Wildlife Parks in Pretoria (7 photos)
Pilanesberg national park
by maryam
Pilanesberg National Park, next to Sun City, arround 100 km from Pretoria. Best place for...
Zoos & Wildlife Parks in Pretoria (6 photos)
South Africa Ukutula walking with lions
by maryam
Sightseeing in Transvaal (56 photos)
Johannesburg, South Africa
by Marilyn Wouters
Johannesburg is the place to feel the pulse of South Africa. A city of astonishing...
Transvaal (59 photos)
Hermanusdoorns-Game Farm
by Brian Wilkins & Family
Hermanusdoorns is a private game farm in the Waterberg, situated about 40 km from...
Pretoria (20 photos)
by NicolaGresswell
Transvaal (14 photos)
Shagaan Village
by Tanya/Richard
Shagaan Cultural Village - we stayed here overnight, just outside Kruger. It was an...
Johannesburg (23 photos)
Johannesburg & Pretoria Highlights
by Tanya/Richard
These photos were taken over a few days spent in Johannesburg and a short drive through...
Scenery in Transvaal (63 photos)
Mpumalanga (E. Transvaal), South Africa
by Katherine du Plessis
Many tourists to South Africa tend to favor visiting Cape Town or Durban. While the...
Transvaal (58 photos)
South Africa
by marie-claude hélie
Apres avoir passe qqs jours a Johannesburg, nous sommes partis pour Kruger Park, qui se...
Johannesburg (34 photos)
Johannesburg & Surrounds, South Africa.
by Brian Wilkins & Family
Johannesburg --Whilst commonly referred to as the ""Concrete Jungle"""...
Sightseeing in Transvaal (25 photos)
Crystal Springs, Pilgrims Rest -S.AFRICA
by Brian Wilkins & Family
This part of South Africa is very scenic and has so much to offer. We only had three days...