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Cities in Orange Free State (8 photos)
Black & White Buildings
by Rensche A Venter
Buildings captured during a recent trip through the Freestate
Scenery in Orange Free State (6 photos)
Black & White Freestate
by Rensche A Venter
Random pictures taken on a trip passing through the Freestate.
Southern Africa (14 photos)
Transkei - Hole in Wall , South Africa
by Brian Wilkins & Family
Will get round to giving each photo a caption.. Will be visiting this part of the world...
Botswana (4 photos)
Botswana Africa
by Brian Wilkins & Family
Not too many photos in my collection of Botswana at this stage. Will add more in due...
Mauritius (15 photos)
Mauritius--[Island ] off Coast of Africa
by Brian Wilkins & Family
Still need to add a caption to each photo which will be done ASAP
Cape Town (24 photos)
Wild South Africa
by Scott
Some photo highlights from a visit to South Africa in December 2003. Photos focus on...
Southern Africa (38 photos)
Travelling through South Africa
by Benny Everaerts
In february 2004 we made a trip through South Africa. And it's true what they say,...
Sightseeing in Namibia (106 photos)
by Katina Montez
Well, these are pictures from Swakop. It's on the coast, and some are actually from...
Mountains in Cape Town (22 photos)
Table Mountain vistas
by Dr David Hutchinson
These are a selection of photographs from a recent trip to Table Mountain (April 2004). A...
Namibia (63 photos)
Etosha and the Pan
by Katina Montez
Scenery in Mauritius (100 photos)
Visit to Mauritius
by Eileen Song
This was my first visit to Mauritius after 18 years. These pictures captured places...
Attractions & Amusements in South Africa (86 photos)
Trip through the heart of SOUTH AFRICA
by Noé Diakubama K.
Zoos & Wildlife Parks in Bloemfontein (16 photos)
FEB 2004 - Bloemfontein Zoo - SA
by Chris Smith
We had been to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Hartbeespoort zoos in the past. This was our...
Zoos & Wildlife Parks in South Africa (97 photos)
FEB 2004 - Kruger National Park - SA
by Chris Smith
Maybe you need to be away from home to REALLY appreciate it. We went home for a number of...
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