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Travel articles 1-4 of 4 about Bihar, sorted by date:
Sightseeing in Bihar (42 photos)
Varanasi, Sarnath, etc., 10th Nov. 2005
by Mike Lynd
I know that these are not great photos in any artistic sense but they do, I hope, convey,...
Sightseeing in Bihar (76 photos)
The Ganges at Varanasi, 10 November 2005
by Mike Lynd
Up before dawn to be on the Ganges before sunrise. An amazing experience to see such...
Sightseeing in Bihar (57 photos)
Bodhgaya, India - 9th November 2005
by Mike Lynd
Probably the holiest of all Buddhist sites - this is where the Buddha achieved...
Sightseeing in Bihar (39 photos)
Rajgir & Nalanda - India - 8/11/2005
by Mike Lynd