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Travel articles 1-14 of 62 about Cyprus, sorted by date:
Monuments & Memorials in Cyprus (55 photos)
Paphos, the birthplace of Aphrodite
by Istatwetta
Until the 16th century, the city of Paphos was protected by two fortresses rising...
Recreation in Cyprus (1 photo)
Cypriot Summer
by Dragos
A culture which draws on Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, and 9000 years of constant...
Sightseeing in Cyprus (51 photos)
A trip to Cyprus
by Richard Clegg
These photos were taken in April-May 2011 during a trip across the Turkish and Greek parts...
Sightseeing in Cyprus (21 photos)
Cyprus the island of Aphrodite
by Joan
The breath of Zephyr carried the goddess of love to this beautiful island and her presence...
Cyprus (4 photos)
Cyprus online Photo Gallery
by kotseralex
When i was in Cyprus i made high quality photos of Cyprus. Photos of all main cities of...
Tours in Cyprus (62 photos)
Brilliance OTS 03/08/2006
by Mag
Cyprus (48 photos)
Cyprus - Birthplace of Aphrodite
by Aliwishes
Were in Cyprus from end March to end April 2005. The main purpose was on business trip,...
Countrysides in Cyprus (11 photos)
Villages of Cyprus
by Galant Marina
As the part three of the cruise we headed to Cyprus. We arrived to Limasol at the morning....
Towers in Cyprus (2 photos)
Limassol Castle
by Dragos
The Medieval Castle of Limassol is situated near the old harbor in the heart of the...
Towers in Cyprus (7 photos)
Kolossi Castle
by Dragos
The Castle of Kolossi was built in 1210 when Kolossi was given by King Hugh I to the...
Towers in Cyprus (2 photos)
Paphos Castle
by Dragos
Originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbor, it was rebuilt by the...
Towns in Cyprus (60 photos)
Lemesos / Limassol, Cyprus
by Riia & Tepa
We were in Limassol for a week and took these pictures between November 27 and December 4,...
Scenery in Cyprus (22 photos)
Aphrodite's Birthplace in Cyprus
by Riia & Tepa
Moulia Rocks near Paphos (Pafos) are said to be where Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and...
Sightseeing in Cyprus (68 photos)
Daytrip to Northern Cyprus
by Riia & Tepa
On December 3, 2004, we took a sightseeing trip from Limassol to Northern Cyprus. First...
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