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Thrace (75 photos)
Trip to Alexandroupolis,Greece
by baiguna
I just returned back from Alexandroupolis,nomos Evros,Greece and i want to share with...
Countrysides in Thrace (61 photos)
Plains, Nature & Mountains in EVROS
by Kostas NATSIDIS
Here you can see some pictures of the Extreme North Eastern part of Greece, the province...
Cities in Thrace (12 photos)
The old town of XANTHI
by Kostas NATSIDIS
These pictures of Xanthi were taken in october 1999. Xanthi is a very nice town in...
Cities in Thrace (13 photos)
Didymoticho (Didimoticho)
by Kostas NATSIDIS
Here you can see some pictures of Didimoticho, which I took during my July (2002) visit to...
Thrace (13 photos)
The island of SAMOTHRACE
by Kostas NATSIDIS
These pictures were taken in 1994, during a one-day trip from Alexandroupolis, with a...
Cities in Thrace (32 photos)
ALEXANDROUPOLIS, capital of Evros
by Kostas NATSIDIS
The pictures you see here are taken in 1997, 1999 and 2002. Alexandroupolis is the capital...
Spectacular Beaches in Thrace (1 photo)
Fanari, Greece
by Ilias
A beatiful worthvisiting beach near Komotini