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Earth : Eastern Europe : Latvia
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Monuments & Memorials in Latvia (15 photos)
Riga, the capital of Latvia
by Istatwetta
Latvia (154 photos)
Latvia is one of Northern Europe's most exciting places hidden away from the...
Riga (28 photos)
by Shon Ellerton
In August 2005, my friend Nigel decided to have his stag weekend in Riga. In addition to...
Latvia (11 photos)
by Jānis Shelegovskis
More information on www.ventspils.lv
Latvia (61 photos)
My Riga
by Constantin Surin
Scenery in Riga (21 photos)
by Lucky Luke
Sightseeing in Latvia (11 photos)
by Seiichi Kato
Latvia (114 photos)
Sweden-22a-Baltic Countries/Latvia
by Thomas Waldner
Dies ist der 1. Stop in meiner Reise durch die Baltischen Staaten. Riga. Wie sicherlich...
Riga (33 photos)
Monuments of Architecture
by Arvids Krumins
Riga, the oldest city in Latvia, has developed into an important economic, political and...
Riga (68 photos)
Riga - The Capital
by Arvids Krumins
The capital of Latvia, Riga, lies on the bank of the Daugava River not far from its...
Latvia (69 photos)
Latvia in winter
by Arvids Krumins
Some basic facts about Latvia and its environment: * Its total area is 64.6 thousand...
Latvia (52 photos)
Latvia in autumn
by Arvids Krumins
Latvia has a long tradition of conservation: the first laws and regulations were...
Latvia (130 photos)
Latvia in summer
by Arvids Krumins
Latvia might not seem exotic enough to the tourist who has seen the Coliseum and Notre...
Latvia (34 photos)
Latvia in spring
by Arvids Krumins
We can definitely assert that everyone who has visited Latvia will never forget it - not...
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