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Travel articles 1-14 of 71 about Romania, sorted by date:
Trains in Romania (1 photo)
Gara de Nord: Your Gate to Bucharest
by Dragos
On October 4, 1868 a law passed for the construction of railways in Romania. It allowed...
Attractions & Amusements in Romania (1 photo)
Fell the Music: Romanian Athenaeum
by Dragos
The Romanian Athenaeum is the symbol of the city as far back as its 1888 inauguration. The...
Romania (4 photos)
by Adriana
Museums in Romania (11 photos)
Curtea de Arges, judetul Arges
by Adriana
Scenic Hikes in Romania (42 photos)
Between Piatra Craiului and Bucegi
by Svetozar Gavora
I made marvellous trek with some good friends around the foothills between Bucegi and...
Romania (28 photos)
bihor mountains
by pilviu
Hiking in Romania (31 photos)
Anina - Cheile Garlistei -Anina... 2008
by schluppmaria
Plimbarica Sambata, 29 Martie, am facut o plimbare pe cheile Garlistei. Am mers cu masina...
Bicycling in Romania (24 photos)
Cu bicicleta la Tarcu
by Marius
Ceva poze de la o tura cu bicicleta prin muntii Tarcu.Actiunea a fost "executata"...
Sporting Events in Romania (18 photos)
In vizita la campioni...
by Marius
In vizita la campioni… In urma cu ceva timp am primit din partea lui Nelu-YO2LEA,...
Hiking in Romania (39 photos)
godeanu mountains new year's eve
by schluppmaria
Towns in Romania (18 photos)
Brasov Streets and Squares
by Svetozar Gavora
Brasov is a town in the heart of Rumania, in it's section called Transylvania, right...
Cities in Romania (54 photos)
Bucharest 2: Street Scenery
by Svetozar Gavora
Bucharest has many streets with specific spirit. Some examples are worth to mention: while...
Buildings in Romania (24 photos)
Bucharest 1: The Architecture
by Svetozar Gavora
Bucharest is a great city with amazing cultural background. This statement would be not...
Countrysides in Romania (15 photos)
Strimbu Baiut, Maramures
by Claudia
The Maramures county, situated at the Northern border of Romania with Ukraina, consists in...
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