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Attractions & Amusements in Saint Petersburg (35 photos)
Alex Ohan; Peterhof Palace, Russia
by alex ohan
Sightseeing in Russia (31 photos)
by soh gt
I made a trip to Moscow in June this year and came back with quite a number of pictures....
Moscow (4 photos)
Moscow, Russia '09
by Titley
Sightseeing in Saint Petersburg (48 photos)
St Petersburg, Russia
by lili
Attractions & Amusements in Russia (3 photos)
Various places
by mikefshr871
There are some photos of various places in the album.
Sightseeing in Russia (121 photos)
Solovetskiy island
by Leonid Savin
Russia (2 photos)
Russia 15 - Getting Home and Reminiscing
by George J Hess
GETTING HOME Our information sheet concerning our departure from Russia came as a bit of a...
Art Galleries in Saint Petersburg (31 photos)
Russia 14 - The Hermitage
by George J Hess
As a first time visitor to the Hermitage, I will be able to talk more about impressions...
Sightseeing in Saint Petersburg (27 photos)
Russia13 - Palaces around St. Petersburg
by George J Hess
As in Moscow, our stay in St. Petersburg was very busy, and even with that, we haven't...
Attractions & Amusements in Russia (15 photos)
Russia 12 - Mandrogi
by George J Hess
Somewhat ironically, the guide of our group referred to this amusement park as...
Sightseeing in Russia (20 photos)
Russia 11 - Kizhi Island in Lake Onega
by George J Hess
Kizhi Island among the archipelago of islands at the northern end of Lake Onega appears to...
Transportation in Russia (26 photos)
Russia 8 - Boats and Waterways
by George J Hess
I have little, important, factual information about the traffic on the Russian waterways....
Sightseeing in Russia (28 photos)
Russia 7 - Monastery of St Kirill
by George J Hess
Having visited the city of Yaroslavl for most of the day, we once more headed north toward...
Sightseeing in Russia (8 photos)
Russia 10 - Churches We Saw
by George J Hess
The churches in this section, will, for the most part remain unnamed. something about...
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