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Travel articles 1-14 of 27 about Tucson, sorted by date:
Hiking in Tucson (13 photos)
Saguaro National Park, West Section
by hikndave
One day in April, during the annual free National Parks week, I visited the west section...
Zoos & Wildlife Parks in Tucson (89 photos)
Petroglyphs/Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
by hikndave
While my brother Stewart visited, we hiked up the wash near the King Canyon trailhead to...
Hiking in Tucson (35 photos)
Cienega Creek hike
by hikndave
On March 10, 2012, my friend Bonnie and I hiked along Cienega Creek, which is located...
National Parks in Tucson (9 photos)
Saguaro National Park, East Section
by hikndave
Near the end of December, 2011, Mum, Uncle Joe, and I drove the loop road through the...
Deserts in Tucson (62 photos)
Tohono Chul Park
by hikndave
On December 22, 2011, my friend Bonnie and I toured Tohono Chul Park. It is a desert park...
Zoos & Wildlife Parks in Tucson (59 photos)
The Desert Museum and Reid Park Zoo
by hikndave
My friend Bonnie and I went to these two zoos on August 27 (Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum)...
Hiking in Tucson (50 photos)
Bug Extravaganza and Hike
by hikndave
Joe C. from the UA Ramblers' hiking club and Steve M. from Sky Island Alliance led a...
Tucson (27 photos)
February 2010 in southern Arizona
by Don Woodmancy
In late February, I took a six day road trip to southern Arizona, primarily to photograph...
Tucson (33 photos)
Downtown Tucson
by hikndave
I took a bike ride downtown and took pictures of the renovated Fox Theater (My family and...
Recreation in Tucson (18 photos)
Rides along the Santa Cruz Bikepath
by hikndave
The first photos, of the bridge and the view from it, were taken 10/19/2008. The others...
Tucson (98 photos)
Tucson Mar 2008
by Lisa Rimlinger
On a day trip from our home in Phoenix, we drove to Tucson. This wonderful day included a...
Sightseeing in Tucson (31 photos)
Desert Museum and San Xavier Mission
by hikndave
My cousin Jill and her daughter Sarah came to town so my mom and I and them went to the...
Deserts in Tucson (11 photos)
Southwest Skies in Color
by Ramsco
Tucson (31 photos)
Arizona, Tucson and vicinity NPs & NMs.
by Jim & Diane Tanner
Our tour of the US national parks & monuments, etc., by Jim & Diane Tanner Casa...
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