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Earth : North America : United States : California--Northern : The High Sierras
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The High Sierras:
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The High Sierras (25 photos)
Virginia Lakes
by Daniel Wolf-Root
On October 6, 2013, I visited the Virginia Lakes for the second time. Located in the...
The High Sierras (22 photos)
Green Creek Fall Color
by Daniel Wolf-Root
The High Sierras (62 photos)
Desolation Wilderness Backpacking
by Daniel Wolf-Root
These are pictures from a four day traverse of the Desolation Wilderness, from south to...
The High Sierras (45 photos)
Mt. Dana
by Daniel Wolf-Root
The High Sierras (39 photos)
Dana Plateau
by Daniel Wolf-Root
On June 23rd, 2013, I hiked up to and on the Dana Plateau, an unglaciated plateau with a...
The High Sierras (47 photos)
Gaylor Peak, Gaylor and Granite Lakes
by Daniel Wolf-Root
From the Tioga Pass I hiked up the trail to the Gaylor Lakes pass, around 10,500 feet. I...
The High Sierras (22 photos)
Mono Basin Solstice Scenery
by Daniel Wolf-Root
Taking advantage of the long days when the sun shone from 6 AM to 8:30 PM near the summer...
The High Sierras (41 photos)
Duck Lake, Carson-Iceberg Wilderness
by Daniel Wolf-Root
Two and a half years ago I went snowcamping with the Sierra Club at Duck Lake in the...
The High Sierras (77 photos)
Rae Lakes Loop
by Daniel Wolf-Root
From August 7-10, 2012 Clara and I backpacked the Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon National...
The High Sierras (23 photos)
Ralston Peak, Desolation Wilderness
by Daniel Wolf-Root
The High Sierras (18 photos)
California's Amazing National Parks
by Douglas Haigh
These shots are from a six-day trip in June 2012. We left home planning on visiting the...
The High Sierras (38 photos)
Mono Basin Bighorn Sheep Seminar
by Daniel Wolf-Root
On September 10-11, 2011 I took part in a Sierra Bighorn Sheep field seminar with John...
The High Sierras (2 photos)
Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine Peak
by Daniel Wolf-Root
On the way from Mammoth Lakes to L.A., Clara and I stopped in Lone Pine to see these two...
The High Sierras (14 photos)
Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake
by Daniel Wolf-Root
This was the first day of a three day backpacking trip Clara and I took in mid-August,...
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