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Coastlines in Upper Peninsula (33 photos)
UP Michigan Lighthouses
by Joan Mueller
These lighthouse pictures are from our famly trip in 2001 to the eastern and central part...
Scenic Hikes in Michigan (9 photos)
by Michael Durmus
This four day backpack trip to the island started from McCargoe Cove on May 21, 2003, and...
Scenery in Michigan (4 photos)
Mid Michigan
by Xin Zhang
Scenery in Michigan (25 photos)
Family Vacation in Northern Michigan
by Georgeann Gaebe
National Parks in Michigan (8 photos)
by Michael Durmus
This trip to the island was from September 9-13,2002, arriving and departing from Rock...
National Parks in Michigan (15 photos)
by Michael Durmus
Isle Royale National Park is located in Lake Superior, closer to Canada than the U.S. The...
Lakes in Upper Peninsula (26 photos)
The Great Lake State
by Darlene
The Great Lakes of Michigan
Scenic Drives in Upper Peninsula (27 photos)
Upper Peninsula of Michigan
by Darlene
Michigan The Great Lake State. There is a Great Lake within a hundred miles wherever you...
State Parks in Michigan (1 photo)
Spectacular Sunsets
by Jennifer Geese
I've always loved sunsets, and have had the opportunity to take pictures of many of...
Scenery in Michigan (1 photo)
Larges Weather Vane, Montague, MI
by Cindy Hodges
This weather vane is located at the corner of Dowling Street and Water Street in Montague,...
Scenery in Mackinac Island (4 photos)
Summer Visit to Mackinac Island, 2001
by Wayne McDonnell
I drove across the United States with my father in June of 2001. We saw many beautiful...
Scenic Walks in Metro Detroit (5 photos)
Rest in Peace
by April Gandini
I live in Macomb Township , Mi near this cemetery. The Township has been growing at a fast...
Scenic Trails in Harbor Springs (5 photos)
Autumn In Northern Michigan
by April Gandini
We needed a vacation, but with recent events in the world, we didn't want to fly...
State Parks in South Michigan Lakeshore (2 photos)
camping in Orttenville MI
by Cheryl Yoder
A great place in Michigan to relax and become one with nature.
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