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Scenic Hikes in East Bay (29 photos)
Perkins Canyon, Post-Fire, Mt. Diablo
by Daniel Wolf-Root
In September, 2013, a fire burned Perkins Canyon below North Peak in Mt. Diablo State...
Canyons & Gorges in Greater Las Vegas (57 photos)
Red Rock Canyon Natl. Conservation Area
by Jeff Filby
On April 26, 2013, I had the opportunity to visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation...
Scenic Hikes in California--Southern (16 photos)
Cholla Cactus Garden and Ocotillo
by Daniel Wolf-Root
The Cholla Cactus Garden is a spectacular forest of Cholla Cacti in the Colorado Desert in...
Scenery in Scottsdale/Mesa (39 photos)
Winfield Mountain Hike, Scottsdale, AZ
by Dr. Mike Mellum
Scenery in Kansas (48 photos)
Kansas: The Not Just to Fly Over State
by TMead
Most people in the USA and the rest of the world know Kansas as part of the...
Scenery in Alaska (42 photos)
Alaska 2013
by Bill Forsythe
Scenic Walks in Savannah (29 photos)
Green Parks and Monuments
by Fred Perry
In the previous article we looked at a few of Savannah’s squares that contain major...
Scenery in Nevada (27 photos)
Valley of Fire State Park
by marden
The Valley of Fire State Park is north of Las Vegas and about 20 miles off Interstate 15....
Scenery in Phoenix (24 photos)
Phoenix 2013
by Tan Chor Eng
Scenery in San Francisco (13 photos)
San Francisco on a Sunny Day
by Bill Forsythe
Took a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of the City. Although it was restrictive in some respects,...
Deserts in Utah (10 photos)
Cedar Mesa Discovery
by Funhog
In the Fall of 2007, I got an email from a friend who had never before expressed and...
Scenery in Oregon (4 photos)
Beautiful Forest Grove, Oregon
by MDNG_Photography
These photos are picture of scenes from travels to, from, and in the beautiful Forest...
Scenery in Boston (18 photos)
New England Fall Foliage (3)
by Shoban Sen
These are my last batch of this year's fall foliage photos. As you can see, colors...
Scenery in Boston (15 photos)
New England Fall Foliage (2)
by Shoban Sen
These pictures were taken on October 21, 2012. Colors of the leaves have now peaked even...
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