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Religious Events in United States (1 photo)
Help for Teenagers
by Help for Teenagers
Attractions & Amusements in St. Augustine (30 photos)
El Castillo de San Marcos
by Fred Perry
The star-shaped Castillo with its four corner bastions is the only 17th century fort still...
Museums in St. Augustine (29 photos)
the Pirates & Treasure Museum
by Fred Perry
Piracy has been around as long as men have gone to sea. It has existed, and still exists...
Museums in St. Augustine (26 photos)
El Galeon Andalucia
by Fred Perry
The second decade of this century is a special time in Florida, for both the USA and Spain...
Scenic Hikes in East Bay (29 photos)
Perkins Canyon, Post-Fire, Mt. Diablo
by Daniel Wolf-Root
In September, 2013, a fire burned Perkins Canyon below North Peak in Mt. Diablo State...
Boat Tours in St. Augustine (22 photos)
Our harbour cruise
by Fred Perry
Whenever we stay in a place with a waterfront we try to take a short orientation cruise,...
Grand Teton Nat. Park (19 photos)
Three Hikes in Teton National Park
by Kathryn Hunt
At the very end of July 2013 we did three hikes in Teton National Park: Phelps Lake...
Sightseeing in St. Augustine (42 photos)
by Fred Perry
During the horrendous winter of 2014, Margo and I were fortunate to spend a month at Saint...
Nevada (15 photos)
US 50 The Lonelist Highway in America
by Kathryn Hunt
In July we drove across Nevada on US 50, also known as the Loneliest Highway in American....
United States (1 photo)
APGA Study Tour 2013
by Simon Branson
In May 2013, I attended the American Public Gardens Association Annual Conference held in...
Sonoma Valley (14 photos)
Springtime In Sonoma
by Carol Cree
California is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record. But some recent rain...
Camping in Blue Ridge Mountains (32 photos)
Duncan Knob Hollow, March 2014
by Inja Lin
Sightseeing in Pittsburgh--downtown (33 photos)
A Spring Day in Downtown Pittsburgh
by Jeff Filby
March 22, 2014 - This past winter was bad here in Pittsburgh. Lots of snow and several...
Hiking in Napa Valley (7 photos)
The Palisades of Napa
by Daniel Wolf-Root
In March, 2014, my father and I took an outstanding hike from Robert Louis Stevenson State...
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