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Views and Vistas in Patagonia (25 photos)
Canal Baker to Punta Arenas, Chile
by wolfserrer
Never in my life did I think I would see such incredibly humbling sights. Oh how small we...
Scenery in Patagonia (12 photos)
Golfo Reloncavi to Bahia Ana Pink, Chile
by wolfserrer
Some of the most incredible sights that I have ever seen.
Scenery in Patagonia (8 photos)
Puerto Montt, Chile
by wolfserrer
Photo's around the Puerto Montt area, taken Jan. 2010
Scenery in Chile (14 photos)
Arica (Chile)
by Eduardo Alberto Rojas Turpaud
(3 - 4 Ene 10) Arica ciudad fronteriza con Perú, se encuentra ubicada en la...
Cities in Atacama (57 photos)
Iquique (Chile)
by Eduardo Alberto Rojas Turpaud
(5 - 8 Ene 10) Se encuentra ubicada a 1.787 km al norte de Santiago y a 310 km del sur de...
Scenic Walks in Chile (9 photos)
Visiting Humberstone
by Leendert Remmelink
Humberstone (together with St. Laura) is a fine example of one of the numerous salpeter...
Cities in Patagonia (16 photos)
Puerto Natales Chile
by John Barnes
Cities in Magallanes (9 photos)
Punta Arenas Chile
by John Barnes
Scenery in Santiago (45 photos)
Santiago Chile
by John Barnes
Natural Phenomena in Chile (15 photos)
Walking to the edge of Volcan Lascar
by Leendert Remmelink
On 6. March 2006 we walked/climbed to the top edge of Volcan Lascar (5.600 mtrs) in the...
Scenery in Chile (74 photos)
Norte de Chile 2007
by Eduardo Alberto Rojas Turpaud
(1, 4 y 5 Nov '07)
National Parks in Magallanes (42 photos)
Torres del Paine: The Wonderland
by Svetozar Gavora
Torres del Paine NP is one of the natural wonders of the world. This was the highlight of...
Cities in Magallanes (18 photos)
Puerto Natales
by Svetozar Gavora
Puerto Natales is a transition place for people both arriving and leaving Chilean...
Cities in Santiago (12 photos)
Santiago de Chile
by Svetozar Gavora
Santiago is a big, modern and – with regard to its considerable size – really a...
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