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Travel articles 1-14 of 67 about Colombia, sorted by date:
Sightseeing in Cartagena (26 photos)
Cartagena, Colombia
by wolfserrer
Bucaramanga (20 photos)
Adventure and sight seeing (BOARBU 3)
by Mauricio
Our 'base camp' has been in Floridablanca, a suburb of Bucaramanga, Santander. Our...
Attractions & Amusements in Colombia (11 photos)
Eje cafetero, Quindio,Armenia (BOARBU 2)
by Mauricio
For us during our short stay el Recorrido Cultural del Cafe and el Parque Nacional del...
Cordillera Oriental (14 photos)
BOARBU (Bogota Armenia Bucaramanga)1
by Mauricio
Two times France, 200 years independent, lots to explore, innovative laws, emerging...
Views and Vistas in Colombia (16 photos)
Offshore Islands and Sapzurro
by wolfserrer
Ships & Cruises in Colombia (27 photos)
Across The Pacific
by Rick Ruffin
In the winter of 2012/2013, after a seeming unlimited amount of angst and procrastination,...
Colombia (33 photos)
Photos from the cities of Cali, Medellin, Bogota and Ipiales
Sightseeing in Medellin (26 photos)
Medellin Colombia December 2010
by Alvin Johnson
I was in Medellin in November and December of 2010. The city is modern & clean. The...
Festivals & Feasts in Colombia (79 photos)
Fiestas de diciembre
by Mauricio
Latin lovers among you have the chance to travel through Colombia with me this year. Send...
Sightseeing in Cordillera Oriental (66 photos)
El unico riesgo es querer quedarse
by Mauricio
you have the unique possibility to travel with me as a guide to Colombia this year: mail...
Recreation in Bogota (25 photos)
Sasaima - Tobia Chica
by Ricardo Rivadeneira
Excursión relampago por las cercanias de Bogotá. 15Km y 850 metros de desnivel....
Caribbean Lowlands (30 photos)
Colombia - The Coast
by James Yeomans
The North Caribbean Coast of Colombia - Cartagena, a famous, romantic city with beautiful...
Cordillera Central (40 photos)
Colombia - Interior
by James Yeomans
Colombia - a country which still suffers from its reputation abroad, but which in fact is...
Cartagena (5 photos)
La Heroica: Jewel of the Caribbean
by Maya Jagger
Cartagena. Most beautiful city in Colombia, fabled jewel of the Caribbean. Founded in...
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