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Attractions & Amusements in Ecuador (11 photos)
Pichinche Volcano above Quito
by Rick Ruffin
In Spring, 2013, I took a trip to South America by boat from Korea, on a 300 meter cargo...
Attractions & Amusements in Ecuador (9 photos)
Banos, Ecuador
by Rick Ruffin
After leaving Quito I went to Banos. If there ever were a town that earned the distinction...
Sightseeing in Azuay (16 photos)
Cuenca, Ecuador
by Rick Ruffin
In late April, early May, 2013, I passed through Cuenca, Ecuador on the way to Peru, and...
Guided Walks in Ecuador (51 photos)
Birding in Ecuador-April-2013
by Walter W Cromwell
..for the fifth year in a row, Forbes has rated 'ECUADOR' as the number...
Countrysides in Manabi (31 photos)
House of The Spirits
by Rick Ruffin
In the winter of 2013, I sold everything and moved to South America. My first port of call...
Ecuador (37 photos)
Salinas, Ecuador - March 2012
by Cindi White
This trip to Salinas was 2 weeks after Carnival. While we were there we saw a Men's...
Ecuador (49 photos)
Salinas, Ecuador - Aug 2011
by Cindi White
Attractions & Amusements in Ecuador (34 photos)
Quito, Ecuador - May 2010
by Cindi White
Scenery in Galapagos Islands (12 photos)
Galapagos, Ecuador
by wolfserrer
September 2009, Islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana.
Ecuador (110 photos)
Salinas, Ecuador - May 2011
by Cindi White
Scenery in Ecuador (23 photos)
Ecuador trip part 2, Nov 2007
by mike latham
Sightseeing in Ecuador (13 photos)
Ecuador Trip, Nov 2007
by mike latham
Galapagos Islands (21 photos)
Galapagos Islands, June 2010
by Douglas Haigh
These were taken during a Galapagos trip with National Geographic in partnership with...
Rockclimbing in Pichincha (1 photo)
Adventure in the Andean highlands
by losalisos
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