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Travel articles 1-14 of 36 about Scenery in Belgium, sorted by date:
National Parks in Limburg (33 photos)
The Japanese garden at Hasselt
by Wim Herten
The Japanese garden in the city of Hasselt (capital of the Belgian province of Limburg) is...
Scenery in Antwerp (62 photos)
The rose garden in the Rivierenhof
by Wim Herten
The rivierenhof (Dutch for "garden at the rivers") is a provincial park in...
State Parks in Antwerp (33 photos)
Flowers in the Vordenstein park
by Wim Herten
The Vordenstein park lies in Schoten (next to Antwerp) in Belgium. It is a beautiful park...
State Parks in Antwerp (25 photos)
Emmenopterys at the Kalmthout arboretum
by Wim Herten
The Emmenopterys Henryi is a tree from China that rarely blossoms in our climate....
Villages in Antwerp (6 photos)
cat and mouse
by Dirk Wittebrouck
National Parks in Limburg (20 photos)
Winterslag : old mining site
by Wim Herten
The coal mines in the Belgian province of Limburg are all closed down. The underground...
State Parks in Antwerp (27 photos)
Arboretum of Kalmthout
by Wim Herten
The arboretum of Kalmthout is a beautiful garden in the Belgian province of Antwerp. On...
Scenery in Belgium (9 photos)
by Dawa
Towns in Bruges (8 photos)
Moods of Bruges
by John Wigmore
Just a few views of the Old Town of Bruges. Although they show a variety of atmospheric...
Scenery in Antwerp (12 photos)
in our garden
by Dirk Wittebrouck
with some patience, you can see some nice things in your own garden. if you like to see...
Views and Vistas in Antwerp (17 photos)
Kasteel d'Ursel
by Wim Herten
The village of Hingene (part of Bornem in the Belgian province of Antwerp) is the location...
Scenery in Belgium (15 photos)
Autumn 2004 in Ostend, Flanders.......
by Deceuninck Johan
Scenery in Bruges (35 photos)
Brugge, Belgium
by Cecilia Fuentes
I had heard a lot about Brugge but never thought it would be as nice as it was. I took a...
Cities in West Flanders (25 photos)
OSTEND, Belgian Coast
by Kostas NATSIDIS
Here you can see some pictures of Ostend (Oostende), the biggest town at the Belgian...
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