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Views and Vistas in Lappi (21 photos)
by Marja Konimaki
National Parks in Pohjois-Karjala (16 photos)
Snowy Koli, the NationalPark in Finland
by lehy16
This winter, 2009 - 2010, was extremely snowy at Koli. The views were fantastic definitely...
Entertainment & Nightlife in Helsinki (18 photos)
Helsinki's Kamppi / Xzibit Gig - 04/2009
by Riia & Tepa
Pictures of one of Helsinki's central neighborhoods (Kamppi), and of Xzibit, taken by...
Sightseeing in Finland (8 photos)
Helsinki, May 2008
by Lucas Potocki
Finland (247 photos)
Finland 05/2006
by Zedicus Zorander
Roadtrip from Helsinki to Lapland with side trips to the North Cape in Norway and Tornedal...
Helsinki (14 photos)
1 day in Helsinki
by Olga Mironova
Finland (43 photos)
Savonlinna & more
by Riia & Tepa
We did a roadtrip to Savonlinna (http://www.savonlinna.fi) on August 17-18, 2007, and on...
Finland (44 photos)
KOTKA, Finland: A City by the Sea
by Riia & Tepa
This article is 'work in progress' so if you like what you see, check back at...
Scenery in Finland (30 photos)
Kaunissaari: An Idyllic Island
by Riia & Tepa
Kaunissaari (literal translation: Beautiful Island) is located off the Southern coast of...
Scenery in Finland (17 photos)
Varissaari (Kotka, Finland)
by Riia & Tepa
Varissaari is a small island off the coast of Kotka, in Finland. Tepa, my mom, and I...
Attractions & Amusements in Finland (20 photos)
Strömfors Ironworks
by Riia & Tepa
Located in Ruotsinpyhtää, between the cities of Loviisa and Kotka in southern...
Spectacular Views in Keski-Suomi (13 photos)
Olavinlinna in Finland
by Sir Vili
Olavinlinna is situated in middle of Finland. This medieval castle is situated in the city...
Finland (7 photos)
Chilly in Helsinki
by John Eley
Helsinki (23 photos)
by Jeff Tan
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