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Italy (19 photos)
Beautiful Town of Pergola- Marche Italy
by snowshadow
For the past three years I've been dividing my time between Marlborough, New Hampshire...
Squares in Tuscany (30 photos)
by Istatwetta
Siena is a lovely medieval town in Tuscany. Siena's heart is its central piazza known...
Sardinia (24 photos)
Sardegna 2nd time around
by Zwerschitze
As it was love at first sight, with the flaw that we took the plane and didn't have...
Churches, Temples & Mosques in Tuscany (45 photos)
by Istatwetta
Sightseeing in Venice (5 photos)
by John Wigmore
Just a few views taken on a stroll through the watery city.
Cities in Rome (50 photos)
by Kucharik
Cities in Florence (37 photos)
by Kucharik
Views and Vistas in Rome (32 photos)
by wolfserrer
Views and Vistas in Venice (21 photos)
by wolfserrer
Spectacular Views in Sardinia (200 photos)
by Istatwetta
Sardinia is a land of many hidden beauties. Away from the usual tourist hotspots lies a...
Views and Vistas in Sicily (17 photos)
Sicily and surrounding islands
by wolfserrer
Spectacular Views in Naples (19 photos)
Ponza, Napoli, Capri
by wolfserrer
Ships & Cruises in Rome (38 photos)
Liberty of the Seas - Roma/Mallorca
by KrashOus
Buque: Liberty of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) Día de salida: 28 de Abril de 2012....
Buildings in Italy (19 photos)
Genova, Italia
by wolfserrer
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