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Travel articles 1-14 of 14 about Bergen, sorted by date:
Museums in Bergen (13 photos)
Bergen and the Grieg Museum
by John Wigmore
Here are a few views of Bergen in the South-West of Norway, and of the nearby Edvard Grieg...
Sightseeing in Bergen (1 photo)
Bergan, Norway's Harbor
by worldatlasman
Bergen (58 photos)
Crucero C. Mediterránea - BERGEN
by mangela
Sightseeing in Bergen (25 photos)
Bergen, Norway
by Cecilia Fuentes
Bergen is Norway's most enjoyable and beautiful city. Pristine waters, green forests...
Local Specialties in Bergen (18 photos)
Fish Market
by Svetozar Gavora
The Fish Market in Bergen is right in the center of the town, near of Bryggen street and...
Neighborhoods in Bergen (42 photos)
by Svetozar Gavora
Bergen has a lot of scenic streets. Some of them kept their historic style and value up to...
Views and Vistas in Bergen (24 photos)
Town Panorama from Fløyen Mountain
by Svetozar Gavora
Bergen is the second biggest town in Norway. It is very nice and and it has very nice...
Bergen (145 photos)
Norway 5 - Colorful Bergen
by Dr. Mike Mellum
Bergen (21 photos)
by laylayong
Bergen (5 photos)
by Huynh Thi Xuan Tuyet
Bergen (7 photos)
Why merchants has sent sons in Bergen
by Olga Rogozina
Bergen has met us by a rain. And what else we could expect from the Norwegian city, which...
Coastlines in Bergen (6 photos)
Haus - Bergen - Norway
by Oyvin Bergo
Haus is a place on an island named Osterøy close to the city of Bergen.
Sightseeing in Bergen (2 photos)
A Viking Stave Church near Bergen
by Tom Knapp
I visited Norway in 1989, spending most of my time in the coastal city of Bergen, where I...
Harbors, Wharfs & Waterfronts in Bergen (1 photo)
The Bergen waterfront
by Tom Knapp
Bergen is much smaller than Oslo, but it/s a lovely city to stroll through. Find more...