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Coastlines in Gran Canaria (70 photos)
Dunas de Maspalomas in Gran Canaria
by Istatwetta
The rolling sand dunes of Maspalomas afford you the unique opportunity of being in a...
Spectacular Views in Gran Canaria (80 photos)
Gran Canaria, island of eternal spring
by Istatwetta
The beautiful island of Gran Canaria has a wealth of places to visit, from the north to...
Sightseeing in Spain (24 photos)
Costa del Sol, Seville, Granada 1998
by Lorraine Brecht
This photo journal features selected, scanned film camera photos I took on the Costa del...
Buildings in Madrid (40 photos)
by Istatwetta
The historic old town, also known as "Madrid de los Austrias" (referring to the...
Museums & Theatres in Madrid (55 photos)
The Prado in Madrid
by Istatwetta
The Prado Museum is renowned as being the largest art gallery in the world. It also...
Scenery in La Palma (42 photos)
La Palma (III): Cumbre Vieja
by Jose Manuel Echevarría and Pilar León
Lands from the Southern half of La Palma were originated from the emergence of the Cumbre...
National Parks in La Palma (47 photos)
La Palma (II): Caldera de Taburiente
by Jose Manuel Echevarría and Pilar León
The name given to La Palma by its original inhabitants was “Benahoare” (My...
Scenery in La Palma (49 photos)
La Palma (I). The lowlands
by Jose Manuel Echevarría and Pilar León
The Canary Islands (the Fortunate Islands of the Greek mythology) form an archipelago in...
Granada (24 photos)
AlHambra- Nasrid Palace. May 2012
by Tarek Salem
Spain (45 photos)
Pyrenees & Costa Brava, 2011
by Eileen Fawcett
Scenery in Spain (18 photos)
My Mountains- Leon - Spain
by Mariely Valero
Churches, Temples & Mosques in Seville (39 photos)
From Sevilla to Marbella
by Istatwetta
Spectacular Views in Tenerife (15 photos)
Tenerife with the impressive Teide
by Istatwetta
Beaches in Gran Canaria (20 photos)
Gran Canaria, beach, dunes and mountains
by Istatwetta
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