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8 Boho Wedding Themes: Rustic Elegance for Your Special Day

Interested in obeying no rules when organizing your most memorable day? Enter the world of Boho wedding themes where the free spirit meets the timeless crown of elegance to reflect the unique love story you both share.

From lush outdoor venues adorned with wildflowers to handcrafted details that echo the Boho spirit, here are ideas to infuse your special day with a touch of rustic elegance.

8 Boho Wedding Themes

1. Boho Desert Wedding Theme

Boho Desert Wedding

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The theme combines the free-spirited and eclectic elements of the Bohemian style with rustic, earthly, and tranquil elements of the desert landscape. Drawing inspiration from the arid environment, the theme embraces the natural beauty of the sandy tones, cacti, succulents, and wide-open spaces.

It captures the essence of the laid-back and intimate celebration making it ideal for couples seeking a unique and unconventional wedding experience.

Elements of the theme

Color palette Terracotta, dusty rose, sand, deep blues, corals, or metallics.
Venue decor Macrame backdrops or hanging installations, vintage rugs, mismatched furniture, and low seating.
Flowers Cacti, succulents, wildflowers, and dried flowers and grasses.
Favors • Personalized succulent or cactus plant favors.
• Cactus-shaped cookies.
Lighting • String lights or lanterns.
• Candlelit pathways or hanging lanterns.

2. Boho Chic Garden Wedding Theme

Boho Chic Garden Wedding

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The theme is a combination of the laid-back fee spirited vibe of the Bohemian style. This is backed by the enchanting and romantic atmosphere of a garden setting. Its features include the use of natural elements, whimsical decor, and a blend of modern and vintage aesthetics.

A chic garden wedding theme creates a dreamy ethereal ambiance perfect for couples who desire an outdoor wedding surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers.

Elements of the theme

Color palette • Blush pink, sage green, ivory, and lavender.
• Metallic copper or gold accents.
Venue decor • Vintage furniture in lounge areas.
• Dream catchers, fairy lights, and draped fabrics.
Flowers • Wildflower bouquets and floral crowns.
• Cascading greenery and hanging floral arrangements.
Favors • Potted plants or succulents.
• Boho-inspired trinkets or personalized flower seeds.
Lighting • String lights or chandeliers hanging from trees or structures.
• Lanterns or candles in mason jars.

3. Boho Vintage Wedding Theme

Boho Vintage Wedding

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You can also enjoy a charming blend of bohemian free-spiritedness and the nostalgic allure of vintage aesthetics. This theme combines elements from different eras to embrace their unique character while maintaining a relaxed and unconventional atmosphere.

It’s ideal for couples who appreciate the beauty of bygone times and want to infuse their special day with a sense of history and individuality.

Elements of the theme

Color palette • Dusty rose, sage green, and vintage blues.
• Gold, brass, and copper accents.
Venue decor • Antique sofas, chairs, and tables.
• Mismatched china, glassware, and silverware.
Flowers • Classic bouquets of roses, peonies, and ranunculus.
• Old-fashioned vases, brass pitchers, or antique teapots.
Favors • Vintage-style trinkets or personalized items.
• Classic candies or treats in retro packaging.
Lighting • String lights or vintage chandeliers.
• Vintage lanterns or candles.

4. Boho Beach Wedding Theme

Boho Beach Wedding

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This theme is a seamless blend of a bohemian style with the natural beauty and carefree atmosphere of a beach setting. It’s characterized by a breezy relaxed vibe with elements inspired by the coastal surroundings.

Couples who go for a beach-style Boho wedding desire to create an intimate bohemian wedding in the backdrop of the sand, sea, and the sun.

Elements of this theme

Color palette • Soft and muted tones such as sandy beige, aqua blue, coral, and seafoam green.
• Metallic gold and copper accents.
Venue decor • Driftwood, rattan, and seashells.
• Macrame or fabric canopies.
Flowers • Unstructured bouquets with sea grass, tropical flowers, and palm fronds.
• Pampas grass or dried florals.
Favors • Personalized beach towels, flip-flops, candles, and lanterns.
• Mini bottles of beach-scented oils or candles.
Lighting • String lights, lanterns, candles, or Tiki torches.

5. Boho Woodland Wedding Theme

Boho Woodland Wedding

Image source: Pinterest

This is an enchanting combination of bohemian aesthetics and the rustic beauty of a woodland setting. It captures the essence of nature’s whimsy to blend the free-spirited elements with the organic charm of the forest.

The theme is perfect for couples who seek to create a magical ethereal atmosphere surrounded by towering trees, dappled sunlight, and the peaceful ambiance of the woods.

What to incorporate in this theme

Color palette • Warm browns, muted grays, and moss-green.
• Blush pink or lavender.
Venue decor • Wood arches, moss-covered details, and tree stumps.
• Hang dream catchers, ribbons, or Boho fabric on tree branches or ceremony structures.
Flowers • Wildflower bouquets with greenery.
• Arrangements of branches, ferns, and berries.
Favors • Mini potted plants or samplings.
• Woodland-themed trinkets.
Lighting • Hang string or fairy lights between trees.
• Lanterns or candles in natural holders.

6. Boho Rustic Barn Wedding Theme

Boho Rustic Barn Wedding

Image source: Pinterest

You can have your special day with the charming weathered ambiance of a rustic ban wedding. This theme beautifully marries the eclectic and carefree elements of the Boho style with the warm textured and vintage feel of a barn.

It’s a popular choice for couples seeking a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, where natural elements blend seamlessly with the barn’s rustic charm.

Elements to incorporate in this theme

Color palette • Warm browns, muted greens, and dusty blues.
• Copper and bronze metallic accents.
Venue decor • Exposed wooden beams, vintage signage, and hay bales.
• Drape boho-chic fabric such as tapestries and macrame.
Flowers • Wildflower bouquets with a mix of blooms and greenery.
• Twine, burlap, or wooden accents.
Favors • Mini jars of local honey, homemade jams, or personalized rustic-themed items.
• Succulents or potted plants burlap-wrapped containers.
Lighting • String or fairy lights between trees.
• Hang vintage chandeliers or lanterns from barn beams.

7. Boho Whimsical Fairytale Wedding Theme

Boho Whimsical Fairytale Wedding

Image source: Pinterest

This theme is a magical and enchanting blend of the bohemian style with the dreamy elements of a fairy tale. It invites couples to make their special day feel like a storybook come to life, filled with whimsy, romance, and a touch of the fantastical.

It’s a combination of the carefree artistic Boho spirit with the ethereal and imaginative elements inspired by fairy tales making your wedding unique and spellbinding. The theme is for couples who desire to make their celebration truly enchanting with guests transported into a dream-like world.

Features of the theme

Color palette • Blush pink, mint green, and lavender.
• Gold and silver accents.
Venue decor • Draped fabrics, hanging installations, and fairy lights.
• Dream catchers or macrame backdrops.
Flowers • Soft cascading blossom and greenery.
• Butterflies, feathers, and crystal accents.
Favors • Mini bottles of enchanted potions, whimsical trinkets, and custom-made fairy wings.
• Personalized bookmarks or keychains.
Lighting • Fairy lights, lanterns, or chandeliers.
• Candles in ornate holders or floating candles.

8. Boho Tropical Paradise Wedding Theme

Boho Tropical Paradise Wedding

Image source: Pinterest

Lastly, you can also make your special day memorable with the vibrant and exotic elements of a tropical destination. This theme features lush greenery, vibrant florals, and a relaxed atmosphere to create a paradise-like setting for you and your guests. The theme incorporates elements inspired by beach destinations, colorful tropical flowers, and palm trees.

Incorporating elements in the theme

Color palette • Coral, turquoise blue, lush green, and citrusy yellow.
• Gold and metallic accents.
Venue decor • Bamboo, palm leaves, and rattan.
• Tropical flower arches or canopies.
Flowers • Orchids, hibiscus, bird of paradise in bouquets and centerpieces.
• Palm fronds and exotic greenery.
Favors • Mini bottles of coconut rum, tropical-scented candles, or personalized sunglasses.
• Mini-potted plants such as succulents and tropical flowers.
Lighting • LED lights in underwater arrangements or within centerpieces.

Boho weddings offer a captivating blend of rustic charm and elegant whimsy when seeking a unique experience on your special day.

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