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7 French Breakfast: A Culinary Journey to Start Your Day

French people approach their meals, especially breakfasts in a simple, yet unique way that reflects their passion for cooking fineness and gratitude for a soft life. You too can experience this culinary excellence wherever you are by borrowing some of these French breakfast ideas and tips.

This article offers you unique ideas and tips for preparing the most delicious French breakfast.

7 French Breakfast Ideas

Many countries around the world don’t put a lot of emphasis on their breakfast meals. They prefer to have on-the-go meals in the morning like a bowl of cereal, a glass of fresh juice, bacon, fried eggs, slices of bread with margarine, and other simple meals.

However, French people tend to prioritize their breakfast, preparing delicious meals that provide them with a great degree of satisfaction. They relish the experience of enjoying their breakfasts before they head out for work, school, and other daily chores.

They normally start their day on a high with a variety of delightful pastries, spread fruit jams, and specially brewed coffee. Here are some unique French breakfast ideas that you can adopt to kick off your day on a high as the French people do.

1. Freshly Seared Croissants with Fruit Jam and Butter

Freshly Seared Croissants

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The French people are known for their love of croissants. So, you can always expect to find freshly baked croissants on the breakfast table of a typical French person. These croissants are normally served alongside some exquisite fruit jams and luscious butter.

This combination brings amazing savors and textures to the croissants, making your breakfast an unforgettable experience. You can also serve your blistering and buttery croissants with velvety spreads of spicy butter and sweet fruit jam. This brings a melodious contrast that’ll delight every taste bud.

2. Sandwiches with Croissants

Sandwiches with Croissants

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French people are very good at preparing mouthwatering sandwiches for breakfast. So, expect to find popular sandwiches on the breakfast table of your French friend, including Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur.

These sandwiches have toast as the base and can be served with croissants or baguettes. They offer a simple, yet superb way to fill up your stomach in the morning in readiness for a tough day out there.

A Croque Monsieur sandwich is made up of slices of bread filled with ham, melted Gruyere cheese, and a layer of soft bechamel sauce. You can even make it more delicious and nutritious with a layer of fried eggs.

This additional layer converts a Croque Monsieur sandwich to a Croque Madame sandwich. Both sandwiches should be grilled until their exteriors become flawlessly crisp.

You can order your pastries from a local bakery or prepare them at home. Your French pastry box from a local bakery can come with various types of pastries for your breakfast, including buttery croissants, sandwiches, and baguettes.

3. Tartlets or Fruit Salads


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If you’re tired of eating pastries for breakfast, you can add an extra dose of essential nutrients to your French breakfast by including different fruits or tartlets. For instance, you can add berries, tropical kiwis, or ripe mangoes to your breakfast for a spurt of sweetness and additional nutrients.

Fruit salads will add essential nutrients and minerals to your breakfast, including vitamin C and antioxidants. You can combine your freshly cooked croissants or a Croque Monsieur sandwich with a delicious fruit tartlet for additional flavor and nutrients.

4. A Dose of Brewed Coffee

Brewed Coffee

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Your French breakfast can’t be complete without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. However, you can still substitute coffee with your favorite beverage, including fresh juice or tea.

The flaky croissants and sandwiches need to be washed down your throat with a sumptuous beverage. This drink will provide you with extra flavors and elevate your overall French breakfast experience.

Please note that many French people prefer their morning coffee and tea to have milk. It’s commonly referred to as Café au lait or café crème (coffee with milk). Its base is espresso and it’s served in a large cup to accommodate the milk.

Some native French people still drink their morning coffee from bowls. This allows them to dip their tartines or croissants into the bowl. But these bowls are only used at breakfasts. If you want to drink coffee at any other time of the day, it’ll be served in a cup.

5. Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat Crepes

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Buckwheat crepes are very common in France, especially at breakfast. However, crepes can be served at lunch or dinner. Crepes served at breakfast can have the same toppings as those served at lunch or dinner.

In France, there are two main types of crepes: froment and sarrasin. Froment is a regular wheat type commonly used to make crepe sucree (sweet crepes). These crepes come with sweet toppings like fruits, ice cream, or honey.

Sarrasin crepes contain buckwheat and savory toppings like ham, cheese, and eggs. Both crepes are great for breakfast.

6. Brioche


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Brioches are made with French bread, eggs, and butter. They’re usually light and sweet. So, they almost taste like cakes but they aren’t cakes.

This type of bread is said to have originated from Normandy. The first brioche was made in the 16th century. You can have it as a tartine where you dip it in your coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Some of the common types of brioches that you can include in your French breakfast include brioche Parisienne, brioche de Nanterre, brioche tressee de Metz, and brioche au sucre.

7. Canistrelli


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This is a sweet bread that’s designed to taste and feel like a piece of biscuit. It’s made from regular wheat flour. You can improve its flavor with sugar, raisins, lemon, or anise. Just like the other French breakfast pastries, Canistrelli is usually dipped in coffee, juice, or tea.

Tips for Preparing French Breakfast

Preparing French Breakfast

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As mentioned above, a typical French breakfast comprises croissants, butter, jam, and a cup of white coffee. But is this the only French breakfast you can have? The answer is no. There are many other ways you can bring the French experience to your breakfast no matter where you are. Here are some effective tips for preparing French breakfast.

1. Brew Coffee with Hot Milk

As mentioned above, French people prefer their morning coffee white. They prepare espresso as the base and add milk to it. This coffee should be served in a large cup to create space for milk. You can serve yours in a bowl if you want the native French morning coffee experience.

2. Get Some Pastries

Your French breakfast can’t be complete without some native French pastries like croissants, sandwiches, and baguettes. In most instances, these pastries are dipped into a morning beverage like coffee, tea, or juice. They are also served with butter and fruit jams for additional flavors.

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