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57 Names That Mean Moon or Stars for Your Radiant Child

When picking out your child’s name, you must find the perfect one. The one that fits your baby, and the future you hope for them. It’s not easy, but if you look hard enough, it’s possible to find the exact name that resonates with your baby.

If you’re looking for names to represent a shining child, you might want ones that do with outer space. These articles have 57 names that mean moon or stars. If you’re a fan of the vast expanse beyond Earth, give your little one a name from this list.

57 Names That Mean Moon or Stars

Moon or Stars

Wanting the perfect name for your little boy or girl? Read through these names that mean moon, stars, and everything in between.

1. Aidana: This is a name that’s popular in Central Asia, near Kazakhstan. The name is more feminine, and means “wise moon.”
2. Aigerim: This is yet another Kazakh name. This one simply means “moon” or sometimes, “wonderful moon.”
3. Aiman: Aiman is similar to the two other Kazakh names above. It’s another girl’s name, but this one means “beauty of the moon.”
4. Alcyone: This is the name of a part of a star cluster. It also has ties to Greek mythology, as it’s the name of one of the seven sisters of Pleiades.
5. Amaris: Meaning “child of the moon,” this name has Latin roots.
6. Astra: Astra sounds very similar to astrology, and astral, which means “resembling the stars.” You can’t get much closer to a star-related name than this.
7. Celeste: Celeste comes from the Latin word caelestis, which means “heavenly.” It could also be used to refer to celestial, which refers to stars, planets, and other bodies beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
8. Chantrea: This name means “moon.” It comes from the Cambodian language, Khmer.
9. Citlali: This name comes from Nahuatl, which is a Native American language. The name is rather unique, and it simply means “star.”
10. Cordelia: Cordelia is a Latin name. It means “heart of the moon.”
11. Crescentius: Crecentious is a Lain name. It means “like a crescent moon.”
12. Cynthia: Cynthia is a common name. However, it is Greek in origin and means “moon goddess.”
13. Danica: Danica is a Slavic name. The meaning behind the name is “morning star.” It’s perfect for those children who are going to shine bright and guide others.
14. Dia: Dia is a name from Ancient Greece. It means “divine” or “she who belongs to Zeus.” However, the reason it’s on this list is because Dia is the name of one of the moons orbiting Jupiter.
15. Elatha: Elatha was thought to have been a moon god in Irish Mythology. However, they’re also associated with a king of the Fomorians, which was a supernatural group of people.
16. Erian: This is a Welsh name that works for a boy or a girl. Though it doesn’t specifically mean moon or stars, the name means “bright” and “beautiful,” just like those things in the sky.
17. Etoile: Etoile is an older-sounding name. That means “a star” or “pattern in the shape of a star.”
18. Feray: Feray is a girl’s name from Turkey. It means “radiance of the moon.”
19. Hala: Hala is an Arabic name. It means “halo around the moon.”
20. Hesper: Hesper is a Greek word meaning “evening star.” You can make it more feminine by changing it to Hespera or Hesperia.
21. Hilal: Hilal is a name that means “crescent moon.” It’s the word that refers to the new moon on the Islamic calendar. In Arabic, it means “crescent moon.”
22. Iah: This is a boy’s name that means “moon.” It comes from Egypt and is the name of a moon god in Egyptian mythology.
23. Ixchel: This is a name from Mayan culture. The name means “rainbow lady.” However, it’s a name associated with a lunar goddess or deity.
24. Jura: Jura is technically not a name, or at least not a name commonly used for humans. It’s the name of one of the moon’s mountain ranges. It’s often associated with the “Maiden of the Moon.”
25. Kaelan: Kaelan is an Irish name. It is usually used to mean “slender.” The name also means “reflection of the moon.”
26. Khonsu: This name originates from Egypt. The name means “traveler,” but it’s the name of a moon god in Egypt’s mythology.
27. Koray: Koray is a Turkish boy’s name. It means “ember moon.”
28. Kuu: Kuu is a Finnish name. It means “moon.” It’s most often used as a middle name, but could make an amazing first name.
29. Luna: Luna is an incredibly popular name, especially in the US. The name means “moon” in several different romance languages.
30. Lunaris: Lunaris is a Latin name. It means “of the moon.”
31. Lysander: Lysander is a once popular name. However, it’s faded over time. If you’re looking for a classic-sounding name, give this one a shot. It comes from Greece and means “moonlight” or “freer of the moon”.
32. Mahina: Mahina is a name that originates in Polynesia. The name means “moon.”
33. Mei: This is a Chinese name. It doesn’t just mean “moon” but “beautiful moon.”
34. Monday: Though this is a day of the week, it has a meaning associated with the moon. It means “moon day” in Old English. Who knows, this might just be the most popular week-based name behind Wednesday.
35. Neomaia: Neomaia is a name that means “new moon.”
36. Nila: Nila means “moon.” It comes from the old Sanskrit language.
37. Nova: Technically, Nova doesn’t have a meaning related to a star. The word itself means “new.” However, it is a shortened form of supernova, which is related to stars.
38. Nyxella: Nyx is a Greek goddess of night and darkness. When finished with -ella, the meaning of this name becomes “goddess of night and moonlight.”
39. Ourania: This is a Greek name. The name itself means “heavenly.” It’s also tied to a lesser-known goddess in Greek mythology to do with astronomy and astrology.
40. Phoebe: Though Pheobe is a rather common name, it does have connections with space. It’s the name of one of Saturn’s moons. It’s also a Titan from Greek mythology, related to the moon goddess Artemis.
41. Purnama: Purnama is an Indonesian name. It means “full moon.”
42. Rakesh: This is a Sanskrit name. It’s a masculine name that means “lord of the full moon.”
43. Sarangerel: This is a long name that flows well. It lends itself to several nicknames equally pretty. As for the meaning, it means “moonlight” in Mongolian.
44. Sasithorn: This technically isn’t a name. It’s a word in the Thai language that means “the moon”. Still, it’s beautiful and could easily become a new trendy name.
45. Selwyn: Selwyn is a name that means “friend of the moon.”
46. Sidra: Sidra is a Latin-based name. It comes from the word sidereus and means “of the stars,” “glittering,” or “shining.”
47. Solara: This is a name that at first sounds like it’s more related to the sun than the moon. However, the name means “moon’s radiance.”
48. Sunniva: Sunniva comes from a Norse background. The name not only means “gift of the sun,” but also refers to a patron saint in Norway.
49. Tharindu: This same and its origin language are both relatively unknown. It’s a name that means “moon,” in Sinhala. This is the language that the Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka use.
50. Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi is a Japanese name that means “to read the moon.” It’s also the name of a Japanese moon god.
51. Tunkay: Tunkay is a Turkish name. It means “bronze moon.”
52. Venus: Venus is a planet, and has close ties with Roman mythology. This is both a divine and celestial name and has been such for many years.
53. Yaren: Yaren is a Turkish name. It means “reflection of the moon,” or “moon in the sky.”
54. Yemoja: Yemoja is an important figure in Africa’s Yoruba culture. Though she was a water spirit, she was associated with many things, including motherhood and the moon.
55. Zelen: This name means “moonbeam.” It has a Slavic origin.
56. Zirian: Zirian is a Persian name. It means “moonlight.”
57. Zyraluna: This is a combination of the name Zyra and Luna. Together, the name means “moon’s brilliance.”

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