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Styling Guide: 12 Best Resort Casual Attires for the Summer

Excited about your summer vacation? If you’re heading to a tropical getaway, you might have heard of resort casual attire, the recommended dress code for resorts. This calls for outfits that are a little more dressed up than usual but are still comfortable enough for lounging by the beach or pool. They can also be worn at resorts’ cocktail parties and restaurants.

If you’re looking forward to planning your OOTDs and want to ensure that you’re resort-appropriate, look no further. This guide will teach you what resort casual attire is all about. We’ll also suggest a few outfits to keep you resort-chic and comfortable. With our advice, you’ll be ready for your vacation and won’t look out of place.

What Does Resort Casual Mean?

Resort Casual

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Resort casual is a dress code typically recommended by hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. It offers a little more oomph than your usual casual wear but isn’t as extravagant or formal as evening or business wear. Resort casual is sometimes described as casually dressed up evening attire because it is appropriate for the entire day until early evening.

Since resort casual is closest to semi-formal, the style is comfortable but still looks fashionable. Although t-shirts, tattered denim, loungewear, pajamas, tank tops, and flip-flops can be considered modern and highly comfortable, these are no-nos when it comes to resort casual types of clothing.

Resort Casual Attire for Women

Trying to decide what to pack? Don’t worry. Here are some suggestions on resort casual attire from which you can take inspiration. Feel free to add your own touches according to your style and personality.

#1. A Colorful, Bold Wrap-Around Skirt Paired with a Plain White Top and Flat, Strappy Heels


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This is a great resort casual attire because you can use your wrap-around skirt with your swimsuit. When it’s time to head indoors, you can quickly and conveniently wear your white top for some modesty.

#2. A Maxi, Flowy Maxi Skirt Paired with a Plain Top and Thong Sandals

Maxi Skirt

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This look offers a bohemian, relaxed, and stylish look that is appropriate inside and outside the resort. Add a straw hat and you’re all set for a day under the sun.

#3. Dressy Romper Shorts and Ballet Flats

Romper Shorts

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This outfit has that girlish appeal while fitting in as resort casual attire. Choose a light fabric that will keep you cool during the day, then add a cardigan for that cocktail party in the evening.

#4. A Wrap-Around Dress with Bejeweled Sandals


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Wrap-around dresses are a perfect cover-up for your swimsuit while being comfortable to wear. Whether you’re planning on wearing an above-the-knee dress or one that reaches your ankles, this outfit is always a practical choice.

#5. Minimalist Wide-Legged Pants Paired with a Bold Printed Blouse and White Sneakers


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Add a pop of color to your top and balance it with a pair of linen wide-legged pants. Since you’re after comfort and style, join the bandwagon of women who are sporting versatile and clean-looking white sneakers.

#6. Handkerchief Hem Dress Paired with Flat Sandals

Hem Dress

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Show your feminine side with a dress that features a statement hemline. Add definition by cinching your waist with a matching ribbon or minimalist belt. Let your feet breathe and relax by wearing open-toe flat sandals.

#7. White Dress Shorts and a Girlish Top with White Sneakers

Girlish Top

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You can’t go wrong with a pair of white shorts because they go with anything. Keep it resort-approved by wearing a girlish top embellished with embroidery, florals, or a nautical vibe.

Resort Casual Attire for Men

#8. White Shorts, a Blue Shirt, and White Tennis Shoes

Blue Shirt

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This is definitely a man’s uniform for resort wear. Get your dress shorts ready and pair them with your favorite blue polo or button-down shirt. Finish the look with a reliable pair of white tennis shoes. Remember to bring your shades and natural charm!

#9. Skinny Shorts, a White Polo Shirt, and Loafers


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Go for colorful skinny shorts in pink or peach. Pair them with a short-sleeved white polo shirt. You can also don a white tank top underneath and leave your polo open. Complete the look with your go-to loafers.

#10. A Pair of Chinos, a Collared Shirt, and Slip-Ons


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Relaxed and upscale, this outfit ticks all the requirements for resort casual attire. It is fun, comfortable, and stylish.

#11. Knee-Length Dress Shorts and a Polo Shirt Paired with Sandals

Polo Shirt

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Keep your shorts plain and basic but add a touch of playfulness with your polo shirt. Think of nautical and tropical prints for a look that screams vacation and fun in the sun.

#12. Bermuda Shorts, Pastel or Earth-Colored Shirts, and Sandals

Earth-Colored Shirts

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Match your Bermuda shorts with a shirt in hues of rust, brown, or nude. You can also tap into your feminine side with pastel shades.


1. Which Outfits Are Best for Resorts?

The best outfits for a resort vacation are clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. Select pieces made of lightweight materials so you feel cool the entire day. Mix and match minimalist staples with bold, colorful statement pieces.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your travel wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, showing too much skin isn’t always appropriate. With the right clothing pieces, men and women can dress comfortably and stylishly even as they engage in various recreational activities.

2. What Is the Meaning of Resort Clothing?

Resort clothing is comfortable but still looks put-together. As the name suggests, it is usually worn when going to a resort, but cruise ships and some hotels require the same dress code for their guests.

These kinds of clothing are meant to be laidback, functional, and suitable while still being more stylish than the usual clothing for running errands.

3. What Is the Resort Attire Dress Code?

Resort casual is best described as the perfect balance between your comfortable day OOTD and sophisticated evening wear. Resorts don’t want you to pack your bulky and heavy floor-length dresses or bulky formal suits, but it wouldn’t be suitable if you only wore your crocheted or see-through bikini cover-up to dinner.

The resort attire dress code is a guide for all guests to pack clothes that are appropriate for a day lounging by the poolside and cocktail parties in the evening.

Resort attire dress codes reflect the lively and laidback ambiance of resorts. Since you’ll be outside during the day, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are the best materials. These can keep you looking chic and relaxed while you enjoy the tropical weather.

However, keep in mind that some resorts may offer evening activities that require a different dress code. If this is the case, it pays to ask in advance about them so you can be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Otherwise, your resort casual attire should be enough.

Athletic and gym wear like leggings, crop top coordinates, athletic shoes, gym shirts, and sports bras are not in any way close to the requirements of the resort casual attire dress code and should not be worn. Additionally, avoid tattered clothing, shirts with controversial slogans, and offensive prints.

Overall, resort casual OOTDs should provide you with a polished and cohesive look that is presentable for all activities from day to night.

For women, this dress code means attires that vary from skirts, sundresses, capris paired with a top or blouse, and dressy shorts. Knee-length dresses, tea-length dresses, and maxi dresses are other clothing options that you can pack, especially those with beautiful and bold prints in soft and flowy fabrics.

Your choice of footwear can range from low heels to flats and sandals. Flip-flops, even the plain black ones, should be used elsewhere.

Usually, women are encouraged to bring a cardigan since the weather becomes cooler at night. Since resort casual outfits can be worn most of the day until early evening, accessories are also appropriate. This includes pieces like sunglasses and statement jewelry.

Resort casual attire for men usually includes khakis or dress shorts paired with a polo or a collared shirt. Some opt for white shirts or tank tops layered with polo shirts that are left open during the day and buttoned up during the night. If the occasion calls for it, men can add a blazer or a sports coat.

For shoes, the acceptable options are tennis shoes, sandals, and loafers. Despite the comfort that flip-flops provide, it’s best to skip them.

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