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Should I Cut My Hair Short? 9 Pros and Cons to Know First

After a breakup, or any other dramatic shift in your life, it’s normal to want to go for an extreme change. One of the easiest ways to do that is to change up your hair.

However, you shouldn’t jump straight into a cut. Going from long hair to short hair is quite a change and you may not end up liking it. If you’re wondering, “Should I cut my hair short,” you need to make sure you understand what you’re getting into. By the end, you’ll know the pros and cons of short hair.

Should I Cut My Hair Short? Pros and Cons


Cutting your hair short is a big change. While it’s not permanent, it does take a while to correct. If you’re thinking about cutting your hair short, you need to consider the pros and cons before making the final decision.


a. Easier to Care for and Style

When you wake up with long hair, you must spend a lot of time brushing it to get every knot out. If you want your hair to look cute and styled, you have to spend a lot of time figuring out where all that hair goes. With short hair, brushing is a breeze, and there’s a lot less hair to style and put in the right place.

b. Makes You Look Confident

Long hair is easy to hide behind. It’s also fairly standard. Going for a dramatic short haircut makes you look much more confident and bold. Even if you don’t feel that way, a short haircut helps you to give the impression that nothing phases you.

c. Shorter Showers

Do you spend a long time in the shower scrubbing your scalp and hair and letting the conditioner sit? With shorter hair, showering is so much faster. It also dries faster after your shower, so you don’t have to spend so much time blow-drying your hair. A short haircut is a great option for the person who’s always late.

d. More Volume

If you have thick hair, the extra weight from all the length makes your hair look thin and flat. You’ll be surprised how much natural volume and life your hair has when it’s shorter. If your hair is curly, you may also find you have tighter curls, rather than loose, flat ones.


a. Less Hairstyles to Choose From

For someone who enjoys trying out new styles and changing up what their hair looks like every day, short hair may be a bit of a problem. Because there’s less hair, you don’t have as many options when it comes to picking out a hairstyle. Depending on your length, only one or two options may be available. This can make short hair a bit old after a while.

b. Requires Daily Styling

While showering is much faster, you do lose some of that time again when it comes to styling. Because your hair is short, there aren’t any lazy days when it comes to styling. You can’t put your hair up in a bun or a ponytail and go.

Unless you want to wear a hat all day, you have to take the time to style your hair before you leave the house. This can be a lot of work for someone who doesn’t often take a lot of time on their hair.

c. Regular Haircuts Are a Must

With long hair, there’s not much danger in skipping a haircut or two. You might get some split ends, but nothing immediately noticeable. With short hair, however, missing a hair appointment can quickly make your hair look messy.

All you need is a few inches of growth to put your hair into that ‘ugly’ length that’s impossible to do anything with. This is why regular haircuts are a must to maintain the right length.

d. Growing Out Your Hair Isn’t Pretty

Speaking of that ‘ugly’ hair length, if you ever think about growing your hair out, it’s not pretty. Even with regular haircuts to make your hair as nice as possible, there’s always a period where your hair looks horrible. Putting it up or keeping a hat on is about the only way to hide this phase. So if you’re thinking about letting it grow back out after you cut it short, keep this in mind.

e. May Make You Look Older or More Masculine

While some people look great with short hair, it isn’t for everyone. Depending on the haircut you get, it may end up making you look more masculine or older than your actual age.

Take the time to find haircuts that flatter face shapes like yours, and talk to your hairdresser to see if the cut fits you. If you don’t want to go dramatically short right away, try a slightly longer version to get an idea if it fits you or not, that way, it’s easier to fix the haircut if you don’t like it.

6 Things to Consider


Now that you know the pros and cons, you need to know what else you need to know when you have or are going to have, short hair.

1. Your Face Shape

One of the biggest things to consider before picking a haircut and going short is your face shape. Certain haircuts and hair lengths will look better on you, depending on what face shape you have.

The main shapes are oval, square, round, heart, long, and diamond. While shorter hair works for all face shapes, the exact cut and length change. You can also look up celebrities with a similar facial structure and see what looks good on them.

2. It Takes Time to Grow Back

It’s been mentioned above, but it’s still worth saying again. Short hair takes time to grow back. If you don’t like your short hair, there’s not much you can do but hide it and wait for it to grow back out.

While it may feel refreshing to have a dramatic hair change, you may want to take it slow. Consider going for a medium-length haircut and see what you think. If you like that, then you can think about going shorter at your next hair appointment.

3. You’ll Need New Hair-Care Tools

Many people often overlook their hair-care tools and products. What works for people with long hair doesn’t always work for those with long hair. You’ll need different tools like flat irons, dry brushes, and curling irons.

You’ll also probably need more products like a mouse, hair gel, and heat protection when working with short hair. So if you’re going short, be prepared to toss out all of your favorite products and start on the search again to find the tools that work for you.

4. You Can’t Put Your Hair in a Bun on Bad Hair Days

Another thing to consider is that short hair takes a lot of work. With long or medium hair, it’s easy enough to put into a messy bun or ponytail and head out.

But with short hair, you always have to style your hair for it to look decent. It’s a time investment, especially for those who never cared to spend much time on their hair before. Taking the time to style your hair is one of the determining factors whether or not your hair will look good short.

5. You Use Less of Your Hair Products

If you were already someone who used a fair amount of product in your hair when it was long, you’d be amazed by how much less you need with short hair. Even your shampoo and conditioner will last much longer. Keep that in mind when you’re getting the product out of the bottle, or you’ll end up wasting it anyway.

6. Styling Will Be Faster Once You Get the Hang of It

At first, as you learn a new hairstyle, and how you want your hair, it can take a while to get into the swing of it. If it’s taking you a long time to style your hair, don’t get frustrated. It might feel like more work now than it did when you had short hair, but as you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it gets much easier and faster.

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